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Friday, January 27, 2012


Just spotted an Obama ad on my blog.  Not that I'm against him per se, and it was a nice ad, but I don't know if I dig political ads.  I could just see it going ways I'm not into.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Unpaid Interns.. Who knew?

I just read this article about hiring unpaid interns, and it got me wondering about some internship positions that I am trying to fill at the non-profit that I myself intern for.  It got me thinking about how the FLSA applies to the non-profit setting.  I glanced over the FLSA information website, but I didn't get any information about non-profits really.  Hopefully we're not breaking the law.  We're probably not complying with some of the bullet-points in the article.

Decisions, decisions...

I've been thinking a lot about what school to go to today.  I even worked it up in excel to see the cost difference between the T30 and the TTT that I was admitted to.  I used a couple of different models, but the one assuming I lose my scholarship completely after first year still comes out about $8000 cheaper at the TTT. I have a fancier model that weights possible scholarship levels based on the probability that I will be in that class segment.  It comes out about $30,000 cheaper at the TTT.  

Normally I would just say to go to the best school you get in to, but my situation is so different from most new law students that that kind of thinking isn't really an option.  I have a house that I can't sell and a family that I don't want to uproot.  Also, I plan to practice in the small Midwestern city that I currently live in.  The TTT places better than any other school here.  That includes the T30 that is just a couple of hours away and the much better schools that are pretty close as well.  I could continue living in my house and not have a bunch of additional living expenses, etc.  I think I've almost made up my mind to go to the TTT school, but I guess I just need someone to validate that decision for me.   

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Scholarship Arrives

I got my scholarship from the local third tier school today.  It's pretty decent! Not the named scholarship with the stipend that I was hoping for, but still pretty good. I wish I knew what actual tuition for next year was going to be.  All I have is the number from last year.  If tuition doesn't change, my offer is about 88.5% of tuition, which is pretty nice. There are some bizarre stipulations on it, but it doesn't seem too rough.  It's time to start really sitting down with the wife and crunching numbers.


I just got done auditioning for a test prep instructor job.  It was pretty weird.

I wasn't expecting it to be so informal.  That kind of threw me off.  I'm still a little mad at this one gunner that kept trying to tear down the argument that I was setting up.  I should have included way less information so I would have time to fight back.  I had to pare down the end because people's responses were taking too long.

Hopefully they know these things suck by their nature. Time to go find a different job to hope for.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Free Books, Hell Yes!

I just entered a contest to win a free copy of The Eye of the World which is the first book in the Wheel of Time series.  I've wanted to read these for a while now, but haven't found a copy of the first book.  Wish me luck!

Check it out yourself!

In! Now for some serious decision making.

According to the online status checker, I just got in to one of my top picks for law school!  It's not that highly ranked of a school, and I've been admitted at better ranked places, but it still feels good.  Right now I'm feeling like it may actually be my top pick as the scholarship is likely to be good, and it places as well or better than any other school in this market.

I have to make some big decisions now.  My scholarship will probably be here tomorrow in the mail, so that will help.  The real decision is whether I try to commute two hours to the inexpensive T30 state school at sticker, or to stay in town and get a big scholarship at an expensive third tier private.

I know that I can't really make this decision until I see what scholarship I am actually getting, but the top scholarship at the third tier school is a full ride and a very large stipend.  I think I may actually be in the running for this as I know someone with similar numbers who got one this year and there are a few more to be awarded.